ITIL v3 Expert – Wait Another Day

Went to take my final ITIL v3 certification exam today.  Unfortunately, I waited too long from the time the exam was arranged and when I finally got myself to the testing center.  Testing window expired.  Between tackling a couple weeks of instructing PMP classes, wearing makeup, and other work related activities, I did not get there in time.

Haha, seeing if you were paying attention.  Yes, you read that right.  I had to wear makeup!  Not something I do often. Nor do I plan to make it a regular work activity (not ruling out personal use, but a seemingly unlikely occurrence).  I had to wear a dab of makeup for a filming session this past week.  With the lights, cameras, and reflecting white skin – some of that shine had to be calmed down.  The application of makeup was the answer.

When the final production is edited and posted, I will direct you to it.  Filming yourself instructing a course is far different than presenting it live to an audience.  Being an energetic presenter, I am moving around the room and drawing on the board.  Can’t do that in a filming session.  Actions had to be dialed down.  Once I got accustomed to that – not forgetting to mention “talking to a camera” – things went pretty smoothly.  I may have another opportunity soon.  I am looking forward to it.  Not that acting is anywhere in my career horizons!

Anyway, life and work gets in the way.  My pursuit of finalizing my ITIL v3 Expert status waits another day.  Should be all ready to go next week.  May need to review my materials.  Maybe that it is a good thing.  Have not looked back over them in a few weeks.  Not that it changes.  Best to keep it fresh in the mind though.

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