What are the most popular ITIL Intermediate exams?

The ITIL v3 certification structure does allow some flexibility in your pursuit of obtaining the ITIL Expert designation.  Not a perfect laid out option tree; but a few options nonetheless.

At the Intermediate level, you can take the Lifecycle Stream.  More focused on Managers.  Or you can go the Capabilities route.  More focused on Practitioners.  There are combinations where you could mix and match.  The numbers don’t add up as nicely.  But it is possible.

You gather 3 credits for each Lifecycle module.  4 for each Capability module.  Consequently, I was wondering what the more popular route was and what exams were the most taken.  My pokey research is limited.  What I gathered is unofficial – and possibly dated.

Preliminarily, it appears that the streams have a fairly balanced number.  This could be due to focused pathways or picking and choosing between the streams.

Not surprising, Service Operations (SO) is the most popular exam to take.  Service Operations is what most in IT are used to.  What they do daily.  Safe.  Familiar.  Which makes it the easiest.  Pair that with the next easiest  – in terms of familiarity – Operational Support and Analysis (OSA) – and you have knocked out 7 Intermediate credits.  Not a bad start.  Eight more to go.  You can go with 2 more Capability exams or 3 more Lifecycle exams.

The ones not really getting any love are Service Strategy (SS) and Continual Service Improvement (CSI) on the Lifecycle side; and Planning, Protection, and Optimization (PPO) on the Capability side.

Again, not surprising.  They are bigger picture.  More theoretical at points than the others.  Often not want many in the IT field do regularly.  Plus, they incorporate material and subject matter outside of daily IT operations – i.e. Quality Management and Marketing.

Curious what path you took.  Please share your thoughts, if you may.

3 thoughts on “What are the most popular ITIL Intermediate exams?

  1. Hello!

    I’m studying for the CSI exam and would like to have some insight about the questions. I’m studying throug the company Art Of Service because classroom courses are overpriced here in Brazil (almost 4x the virtual class price) and since I’m used to this kind of web learning I feel very comfortable. They provided a sample exam (official from OGC I think – ITILV3IntermediateLifecycle_CSI Sample1_SCENARIO
    BOOKLET_v3.0.doc) and I felt very very comfortable with the results, achieving 7 full scores and 1 second best…. Do you have a document like the one I described? How would you rate the questions compared to the real exam? Thank you and congrats for the blog…

    1. The questions you acquired from OGC are official practice exam questions. Hence, they are sanctioned and close to the real thing. Practicing with those questions provides you with a decent assessment of what the real CSI ITIL exam is to be. Although, CSI was the Intermediate exam that caused me the most difficulty because it did not stay completely true to course. I heard they updated the exam and content since i took the exam over a year ago. As long as you know the material, you should be fine.

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