New Refresh of ITIL released

It is not “ITIL version 4”, they are calling it “ITIL 2011”. It is the ITIL v3 of 2007, only cleaner, more readable, and better organized – at least that’s what they say. I have not personally read the new books yet. Have naturally read all the 2007 v3 books. And I can personally attest to the poorly written and often error prone content. If the ITIL books truly reflect the clean up they claim, it is certainly welcomed. For an international standard, you expect good quality control and at the minimum – a decent technical writer/editor.
If anyone has viewed the new editions of the ITIL books, I would love your impressions and comments. I shall post my personal comments once I have also read thru them.

One thought on “New Refresh of ITIL released

  1. For the most part, I think the editors and technical writers did a pretty good job of creating the text books that I rely on during my ITIL studies and work. Granted, some of them had a few glaring errors (I won’t be mentioning any titles) but they were so obvious that anyone using the text book would have been able to compensate. Overall, I have been fairly pleased with the quality of the books that I have used so far. Maybe I’ve just been lucky

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