Added Another Project Management Game

Definition Game 3 Doors.png

In my effort to give more options to those studying for the Project Management Professional – PMP – exam, I have developed and uploaded another PMP game. This one helps you test your knowledge of the terms in the glossary of the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge or PMBOK. I used the 5th edition glossary to author the game, but most of the terms carry over to the 6th edition of the PMBOK. Once the 6th edition is formally released, I shall update the handfuls of terms requiring updating. Since my games are offered in an online repository of games you get all the versions of my games throughout your subscription period – so you are set whether you are planning to sit for the 5th edition or the 6th edition of the PMP exam or simply looking for fun ways to improve your knowledge and gain PDUs!

In this game, you are presented with three doors. One door is the correct door with the correct project management term according to the PMBOK glossary [note: some other project management references may define the terms differently].

The game randomly selects 15 glossary terms from the pool of 378 terms created for the game. There is a counter in the bottom right hand corner to let you know how many you have answered. At the end of the 15, you are provided your overall score. I choose 15 terms in each set to not overwhelm you each time you play but give you enough in one term to see how you do. Let me know your thoughts if that amount should be adjusted. I can easily change it or offer options.

If you want to download and own the Project Management Definition Game, click here to purchase the game for $12.

If you want to gain access to this game and the dozen other games currently offered (with more arriving all the time), then click here to subscribe. For a limited time, the normal $39 rate for 90 day access can be reduced to $14.50 using The Crowd Training’s coupon code opening50 when checking out.


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