New The Crowd Training Website!

Website screenshiot.png

So excited to announce the launch of my new website! The URL for The Crowd Training’s website is

I created the site to share my project management games, drawings, apps, videos, and upcoming Project Management Professional PMP certification exam prep course. The Project Management Professional course – which I will just refer to as PM6 because it is based on the upcoming rollout of the PMBOK 6th edition from the Project Management Institute – is an fully interactive online training course. This course will fulfill your 35 hour project management training requirement for the PMI application. I am quite excited about it because it will truly be interactive and self paced. Too many of the online training courses I have had to sit thru have been either people reading PowerPoint slides or actors standing in front of a green screen reading cue cards or PowerPoint slides. Trying to endure that mundane monotony for hours upon hours is too much. It is no surprise students do not finish their online courses. My goal is to shake that up. Make it more concise and navigable. Put the power in the learner’s hands. Let the learner control the learning and be successful.

That PM6 project has been in the works for months and still has a couple more months of work to go. That full PMP interactive online prep course is currently slated for a September 2017 release. Ergo, the site currently offers a series of games that have been concurrently created for PMBOK 5th edition and 6th edition. I wanted to get the PMBOK 5th edition learning games out there to assist anyone planning to sit for the 5th edition of the PMP exam before the changeover at the start of 2018.

The project management games based on the 5th edition of the PMBOK are available for download or as a subscription. A subscription gives you full access to the entire library of project management games I have created… as well as any new games I develop! Any game published before and during your subscription period is made available to you. This is really a great option for those unsure if you want to sit for the 5th edition version of the PMP exam or the 6th edition. Subscribing to a $49 lifetime access gives you all the games now and in the future. At this moment, there are approximately 16 games available. More are being finalized and uploaded in the coming weeks. Once the games surpass the 30 game mark, the $49 lifetime subscription price will increase. Anyone claiming the current price will be granted that price forever. The 30 day and 90 day access fees will also shift accordingly. More about the games and pricing can be found here:

Building Matrix Game Example of one of The Crowd Training games for the PMP exam. In this game, you must select the correct location on the building for the randomly presented process before the taxi drives across the road in front of the building! It is only a few seconds. A prepared PMP exam candidate should be able to do this. Are you fully prepared?

There are other games currently available with many more in the pipeline. If you have ideas or suggestions of possible new games you would like to see or topics to be covered in a learning game, post them in the comments below! We would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

Created Videos of My PMP Whiteboard Drawings

When I have instructed project management professional (PMP) certification exam prep courses over the last 10 years, an aspect all my students really appreciated were my illustrations of the concepts as I discussed them. I would at a minimum draw out the processes included in a knowledge area prior to my lesson on the topic.

The illustrations would be drawn on the whiteboard for every class.  Some students would take pictures of the board or attempt to sketch their own versions in their notepads.  I must have had drawn them hundreds of times over the 10+ years instructing the classes.  Starting with my own studying for the PMP exam.  As a visual learner, I prefer to ‘think in pictures’.  It helped me prepare and pass the exam, as well as helping many others in my training sessions, I thought they may be beneficial to more people.  And with YouTube, it is possible!

The videos of my whiteboard animations are only of my drawings at this point.  I did not care my voice as I was drawing.  Plus I would like to record my voiceover with a better quality microphone and get rid of any ums and ahs 🙂  Once I have the audio explaining the processes, inputs, outputs, and tool and techniques as I draw them, they will be uploaded to

The series is called Drawn Out: Project Management

Currently there are only project management topics of knowledge areas, processes, ITTOs, and process groups according to the Project Management Body of Knowledge PMBOK (r) 5th edition.  As I complete the PMBOK concepts, I may recreate my illustrations for ITIL/ITSM and Agile project management and the PMI-ACP exam.

Please let me know what you think!  Thanks.

PMP Exam Prep App for Windows 8

PMP Exam Prep App for Windows 8

I have updated my Windows 8 app for the Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam prep app to include a free, ad supported version.  I plan to keep updating the questions and extending the number of PMBOK 5th edition questions.  Not being a developer, it is the coding that is taking me longer than writing more questions.  Nonetheless, I think it is a fantastic resource for any one preparing for the PMP exam or simply are curious about the PMP exam experience.

My Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep App

My Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep App

The Crowd's PMP Exam prep app
Screenshot from my windows 8 PMP app

For Windows 8 computers, laptops, and tablets, I created – with the help of my C# programmer friend – an app with questions I have written.  These questions have been used in my PMP Exam Prep courses over the years.  They have been tweaked and updated per the feedback from my students and others.  Beyond trying to provide prospective PMP exam takers with good, relevant questions, I also wanted to provide them with the experience of taking the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam as it is administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

So those using my app will experience the PMP test taking experience as much as I could emulate.  The exam questions have the 4 answer choices.  There is ability to go back or forward; and even the option to jump to any question you like.  You can ‘Mark’ or ‘Skip’ questions.  There is a grid displaying which questions have been answered or marked (from there you can go directly to any question you feel).  Like the real PMP exam, you can change your answer as many times as you like until you submit.  Once you submit, your score is provided.  Then, unlike the real exam, I have written some rationale for every single question so that you can get some feedback and reason for why the answers are considered correct or incorrect.  The app displays the answer you selected, as well as the correct answer, if different.

Thank you for checking out my app.  I have an Agile Project Management Exam prep app (PMI-ACP) in the Windows Store as well.  I am working on an ITIL Foundation version.  If you have questions for other certification exams, we can plug those in as well.

New Refresh of ITIL released

It is not “ITIL version 4”, they are calling it “ITIL 2011”. It is the ITIL v3 of 2007, only cleaner, more readable, and better organized – at least that’s what they say. I have not personally read the new books yet. Have naturally read all the 2007 v3 books. And I can personally attest to the poorly written and often error prone content. If the ITIL books truly reflect the clean up they claim, it is certainly welcomed. For an international standard, you expect good quality control and at the minimum – a decent technical writer/editor.
If anyone has viewed the new editions of the ITIL books, I would love your impressions and comments. I shall post my personal comments once I have also read thru them.