Mixed Reality in Training

I recently gave a presentation at the Training Conference 2017 in San Diego on the use of various devices that could be used for learning and development. The objective was to share with fellow educators and other leaders and professionals in the Learning and Development industry some of the soon-to-be realities that we are experimenting with for delivering Just-In-Time (JIT) training to our learners.

Just in Time Training via Safety Glasses.png

There were a few technologies and tools that we are currently experimenting with at Plex Systems (an ERP company based in the Detroit area). I showcased the Microsoft HoloLens and Daqri helmets to illustrate the delivery of training to manufacturing employees. Our thinking is that shop floor employees must wear safety glasses, why not make them more dynamic and useful beyond just eye protection. Ergo, when an employee is standing at a workcenter or on the assembly line attempting to recall their training from weeks back, they do not need to rely completely on their own memories. If already equipped with augmented or mixed reality glasses, they should be able to access training content straightaway. Whether that content be training documentation, training videos, checklists, or a live person, the employee needs that material at the point where he or she must apply it more than weeks prior while they were sitting passively in a training session.

The Microsoft HoloLens and Darqi devices are not the only cutting edge technologies we are exploring. I shall discuss more of those other devices and our strategies behind them in a future blog. For now, I simply wanted to bring up the discussion and get the virtual ball rolling [pun intended!].

As I prepare my next presentation on the topic – which includes the Online Training Conference in New Orleans and PowerPlex 2017 in Atlanta – I am curious to hear what other people are doing or considering doing. Would love to dialog and share thoughts!

Published a Quick Course About the PMP Exam Questions


Over the 10+ years I have been instructing Project Management Professional PMP certification training courses, the majority of the attendees are there for one primary reason – get certified.  No matter how much experience or reading one does, there is one major hurdle all candidates must overcome – the exam.  I built an inexpensive course on Udemy.com that helps.

As a side project to test out the Udemy platform, I decided to take my collection of difficult, more thought provoking PMP questions across all the knowledge areas and offer them as part of the course.  But the questions are only a piece of the value creation.  The more valuable part, I believe, is the debriefing of the questions.  Not just those sparse one liners I often see in other training materials, but a real in depth, comprehensive debrief of the questions and their answers.  And not just the correct answer, but why the incorrect answers are in fact incorrect.  The PMP exam is a very difficult test.  I wanted to help those attempting to sit for this exam get in the PMP testing mindset and build confidence.

I only had space to submit and debrief ten questions for each knowledge area.  I choose or wrote new questions that went beyond the memorization or simple response type questions.  These questions should force you to think about them a little more and give me much to talk about in the debrief.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and results on the real PMP exam.  The course is called Success! Answers for the Project Management Professional Exam  https://www.udemy.com/pmpanswers/?couponCode=answers  It is priced at only $30.  The link gives you the course for only $21.  Pretty good value for what you get.

Best of luck on your exam and in your preparation!


Created Videos of My PMP Whiteboard Drawings

When I have instructed project management professional (PMP) certification exam prep courses over the last 10 years, an aspect all my students really appreciated were my illustrations of the concepts as I discussed them. I would at a minimum draw out the processes included in a knowledge area prior to my lesson on the topic.

The illustrations would be drawn on the whiteboard for every class.  Some students would take pictures of the board or attempt to sketch their own versions in their notepads.  I must have had drawn them hundreds of times over the 10+ years instructing the classes.  Starting with my own studying for the PMP exam.  As a visual learner, I prefer to ‘think in pictures’.  It helped me prepare and pass the exam, as well as helping many others in my training sessions, I thought they may be beneficial to more people.  And with YouTube, it is possible!

The videos of my whiteboard animations are only of my drawings at this point.  I did not care my voice as I was drawing.  Plus I would like to record my voiceover with a better quality microphone and get rid of any ums and ahs 🙂  Once I have the audio explaining the processes, inputs, outputs, and tool and techniques as I draw them, they will be uploaded to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZdjZVoQFYUOOFnLr2R3E4A

The series is called Drawn Out: Project Management

Currently there are only project management topics of knowledge areas, processes, ITTOs, and process groups according to the Project Management Body of Knowledge PMBOK (r) 5th edition.  As I complete the PMBOK concepts, I may recreate my illustrations for ITIL/ITSM and Agile project management and the PMI-ACP exam.

Please let me know what you think!  Thanks.

PMP Exam Prep App for Windows 8

PMP Exam Prep App for Windows 8

I have updated my Windows 8 app for the Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam prep app to include a free, ad supported version.  I plan to keep updating the questions and extending the number of PMBOK 5th edition questions.  Not being a developer, it is the coding that is taking me longer than writing more questions.  Nonetheless, I think it is a fantastic resource for any one preparing for the PMP exam or simply are curious about the PMP exam experience.