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The Person Behind The Crowd

My name is Neal Rowland.  My aim for this blog is to present you with valuable (hopefully) information about the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) certification exams, as well as other aspects of IT Service Management and Project Management.

I started this blog years ago when I was certified in Project Management as a PMP® and was instructing and developing PMP courses. Then I engage on my quest for ITIL v. 3 certifications. I wanted to share my experiences and impressions.  There is a relative swath of information and guidance on PMP is out there and easily attainable.  Not the case with ITIL.  At least during my learning explorations.  Therefore, I thought I would assist others out there wishing to learn more about the ITIL certifications – but more importantly what to do from a test taker’s perspective.  It is one thing to know what the exam is about.  It is another to know what to expect and what it means thru the eyes of a person taking the exams.  This is something I wish someone else had done before I began my trek.

Hope you find my efforts helpful.  Feel free to contact me or leave a comment if you have any particular comments or questions.

Beyond PMP and ITIL certifications, I am also certified in Agile Project Management (PMI-ACP).  On top of my years as a trainer, instructional designer, speaker, and conference presenter, I plan to incorporate some of that experience into the blog as well.

My interest is also expanding into what the future of training and development may look like. I plan to author more posts related to that topic and related topics.



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